Interviewee: Robert E. Schuenemann(Château's Sales)   |  Interviewer: Donna Schwartz (Everything Saxophone Podcast)

Musical Instrument in this video:  (Products are in the order of introduction.)

✨ ✨Art Series 

Get a painted saxophone, add color to your music.

✨ Liberty

✨ Bon Voyage


✨ ✨Chambord 50 Series 

A larger bell for the Chambord 50 series, to increase its volume and resonance

✨ Alto - CAS-50V (Black truffle)

✨ Alto - CAS-50BL (Obsidian)


✨✨Chenonceau 80 Series 

The Chenonceau 80 series is hand-crafted with 85% copper and is the second most professional collection

✨ Curved soprano - CCS-80

✨ Baritone - CBS-80


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