About us

Tenon was founded in 1979 in Taiwan by Mr. Chang, with the goal of “creating musical instruments that are both playable and affordable.” After 10 years, Tenon began building an instrument factory to further enhance its production capabilities. In 1999, a crucial milestone was achieved with the establishment of Tenon’s own brand, Château.

The inspiration for the name of Château comes from Mr. Chang ’s hometown, which is pronounced similarly to the French word “Château” (the English meaning is castle). He not only hopes to evoke nostalgia for his hometown through this name, but also to convey that Château's instruments, specifically saxophones, are as long-lasting as castles.

Château saxophones are handcrafted from beginning to end. Every process – from shaping, soldering, buffing and lacquering, to assembling – is completed under strict quality controls in our factory. Therefore, Château’s saxophones have many great features, such as precise intonation and superior resonant and pure sound. One of the most important aspects is that they are durable.

Château is committed to excellence, unique style, innovation, and constant improvement in quality. You will find Château saxophones can give you much more than you expected!

Why Choose Us

We are honored to receive the “ TÜV Rheinland - Enterprise Operational Capability” certification to certify Château is a trustworthy company. It is Château’s mission and goal to strive for excellence in making Woodwinds and Brass winds for a new generation of sound. In the future, we will continue to provide better services to our customers in accordance with the company's business philosophy.