The Art Series Saxophone motivates your musical soul

Château is collaborating with Taiwan’s CHY Art to launch a series of painted saxophones that display a perfect integration of music and art. Music is not merely audibly wonderful, but also visually stunning.

These series utilize images to express the meanings behind different stories. A combination of superb painting skill, strength, and aesthetics is highly essential in the painting process. With the guidance of an art director, the artists repeatedly polish the copper tubes of Château saxophones to give them refraction of light that provides the overall image design with a 3D appearance and beauty of light. In addition, each painting stroke must be just right to make the color more saturated and to give the painting a layered effect. The entire process is very complex that includes over 10 stages. After the painting stage is complete, Château’s professional team installs the components and conducts tuning tests to ensure the saxophones’ quality.

The birth of Art Series Saxophone not only greatly challenges an artist's creative skills but also symbolizes the Château team's experience of over 3 decades of saxophone-crafting, as well as their ambition for continuous innovation.

Château Art Series Saxophones can not only be used as performance instruments but also a personal collectible. Get a painted saxophone, add color to your music.

Chateau art saxophone alto or tenor

Art Series Alto/Tenor


The U.S Statue of Liberty, holding up the torch that represents a symbol of freedom.
Colorful fireworks display, celebrating the joy of liberty.


  • Handmade Painting
  • 92% Copper
  • Silver Keys
  • Pisoni Pro Pads
  • Italian Blued Steel Springs
  • Abalone Key Buttons 
  • High F#
  • Ribbed Construction



*The price differs depending on the copper composition of the saxophone.

Alto / Tenor

Type  Key Finishes
882 / 885 / 888 / 889 Lacquer Keys
Silver Keys


 Chateau art sax
Chateau art sax
 Chateau art sax
Chateau art sax