Château Microfibre Cleaning Swab Kit

Model: CS-A (Alto saxophone)



  • The alto saxophone cleaning swab comes with an extension cloth
  • Neck/mouthpiece swab



Product Features






▶   Easier and safer operation

Alto saxophones placed on a stand or worn with a strap do not need to be flipped when the user employs the circularly connected swab for cleaning. This way makes cleaning easier and safer, saving time too.


▶   Smooth cleaning process

The cleaning swab is made up of multiple small pieces of fabric to stop the swab from twisting and getting stuck inside the instrument.(Normal cleaning swabs, usually made from a single big cloth, tend to get tangled and stuck when put into the instrument.)


▶   Compatible with various saxophone brands

Standard swabs are made of a fixed cloth that lacks flexibility. Our innovative design allows users to attach and detach the cloth, fitting different sizes for various alto saxophone brands.


▶   Quick absorption

Using microfiber cloth with capillarity, it absorbs and dries moisture much faster than cotton. This fast-drying cloth stops bacteria growth and bad smells.


chateau saxopjone cleaning swab




How to use


➊   Please insert the shorter side of the string into the bell and allow it to slide to the bottom of the bow.


 Next, thread the longer side of the string through the neck and let the magnets on the ends of the long and short strings attract each other.


chateau saxopjone cleaning swab how to use 1


 Gently pull the string out from the bell, ensuring that the hooks and loops on the strings are securely fastened before proceeding.


chateau saxopjone cleaning swab how to use 2


 During the cleaning process, use a circular motion to pull the swab from the bell to the neck. Then, flip the absorbent cloth over to the dry side and continue cleaning in the same manner. Repeat this process 2-3 times.


chateau saxopjone cleaning swab how to use 3

▲  If one side of the cloth is soaked with water, you can flip it over and use the other side.


Avoid operating in reverse to prevent the cloth from getting stuck in the saxophone.


chateau saxopjone cleaning swab Circular operatin situation