Valencay 22

The Valencay 22 series saxophone makes a great instrument for beginner musicians and students. There are more choice finishes and carvings in this collection, compared to the design of the Cheverny 21 series. This series is named after Valencay Castle in France, which used to be the entertainment center that brought joy to the people. Thus, we hope that the design of this series can give beginners more choices and also bring more fun to their lives.
Valencay CAS-22 Alto Sax Brush
Valencay CAS-22 Alto Sax Golden
Valencay CBS-22 Baritone Brush
Valencay CCS-22 Curved Soprano Brush
Valencay CCS-22 Curved Soprano Golden
Valencay CSS-22 Soprano Brush
Valencay CSS-22 Soprano Golden
Valencay CTS-22 Tenor Antique
Valencay CTS-22 Tenor Golden
Valencay CTS-22 Tenor Nickel