The Music China, postponed for 3 years due to COVID-19, finally took place in 2023.

2022 namm outside

This is the long-awaited global reunion. We are grateful that so many visitors came to our booth this year.

2022 namm booth 1

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2023 music china saxophine

2023 music china saxophine 2

This exhibition not only allows new visitors to become familiar with our brand but also provides a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with our existing clients, discussing plans for future collaboration. 

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Additionally, during this exhibition, we collaborated with other brands, TAHORNG and Vibrato, showcasing their products – the electronic saxophone and plastic saxophones. This attracted considerable attention and inquiries from the visitors. 

2023 namm sax2

Let's take a look at photos and watch the video of saxophone player trying to play Château saxophones. In the video, you'll hear the sounds of different saxophone models.

2022namm saxplayer 1

▲  Versailles 90 Series - CAS-90L /  Chenonceau 80 Series - CTS-80  / Valencay 22 Series - CCS-22 Cheverny 21 Series - CTS-21L 


    Versailles 90 series   

The Versailles 90 series is the most excellent saxophone of Château. This collection is hand-crafted with 92% copper and the gorgeous flower engraving covers the full body.

    Chenonceau 80 series   

The Chenonceau 80 series is hand-crafted with 85% copper and is the second most professional collection by Château. The flower engraving extends from the body to the bell.

    Valencay 22 Series     

The Valencay 22 series saxophone makes a great instrument for beginner musicians and students. There are more choice finishes and carvings in this collection, compared to the design of the Cheverny 21 series.

    Cheverny 21 series    

The Cheverny 21 series saxophone is an ideal choice for beginner musicians and students. Although this series’ saxophone’s design is classic and simple, it has an excellent sound.


2022 namm saxplayer 2

  Chenonceau 80 Series - CAS-80L /  CSS-24L & CAS-26L are customized for China.


▼ To feel the live exhibition at the Music China 2023

Music China 2023 (Shanghai) | Château Saxophone