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The NAMM show, which has been suspended for a year due to covid-19, is finally held in 2022. This is the long-awaited global reunion. We are grateful that there are still many visitors coming to our booth this year and we are very glad to see you all again.

Vistors enjoyed playing our saxophones and shared their opinions with us. We were glad to get many positive feedbacks.

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▲  Versailles 90 Series - CSS-90L /  Versailles 90 Series - CTS-90L / Art Series - Success in career Art Series - Liberty


    Versailles 90 series   

The Versailles 90 series is the most excellent saxophone of Château. This collection is hand-crafted with 92% copper and the gorgeous flower engraving covers the full body.

    Art series   

Art Series saxophones can not only be used as performance instruments but also a personal collectible. Get a painted saxophone, add color to your music.


2022 namm saxplayer 2

  Chenonceau 80 Series - CCS-80Chenonceau 80 Series - CBS-80 / Chambord 50 Series - CTS-50CChambord 50 Series - CAS-50V


    Chenonceau 80 series   

The Chenonceau 80 series is hand-crafted with 85% copper and is the second most professional collection by Château. The flower engraving extends from the body to the bell.

    Chambord 50 series    

We have designed a larger bell for the Chambord 50 series, to increase its volume and resonance, and we see this as the selling point of the series. In addition, the beautiful engraved design and a variety of finishes are also characteristics of this series.


2022 namm saxplayer 3

Trumpet / Flute - CFL-26E  



The Château CFL-26E flute is an ideal choice for students or beginners looking for developing their playing skills. This flute’s nickel silver body is rugged build-quality and is able to produce a clear tone. The offset G and E mechanism allow any level of musicians, especially students to play comfortably and effortlessly.

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